Monday, July 25, 2011

Disco pineapples

     Hello everyone! I couldn`t respect my promise, again! Now I`m in vacation with my parents, in Turkey.
Anyway, we all feel like home here so I can do my nails everytime I want. I bought some nail polishes from Flormar, Golden Rose, and Gabrini.

     The story happened like this. I decided to change my mani, and since I got some butterflies (skin) tatoos I wanted to transfer them onto my nails. I applied two coats of Flormar #420. It is an interesting yellow between a neon yellow and a pale yellow. After waiting for it to dry I cropped wings sections of the butterflies. Unfortunately, even the pieces of the butterflies were bigger for my nails.
     Just see it with your eyes!

     HUUUUUGE disaster! Thankfully, it could be removed. I spent 5 minutes with my hands in the sink rubbing this mess. It was gone and I still wanted to do some nail art.

     I stamped the pineapples from a Fauxnad plate (it is the same as the Konad one!).
 The colours I used are the Black Konad Special Polish and Flormar # 50.

     I can`t figure out why I can`t rotate the picture :(((

    Aaaaaand my mother said she didn`t know that the pineapples are black. I was thinking and thinking about what I can do when BOOOOOOOOM!!! The magic happened when I saw the jar full of gold sequins which I bought last night.

      I filled the free spaces with hexagonal sequins using a dotting tool and then I added a top coat. I really love the result <3 My nails are perfect for the beach, they even fit my swimming suit, and they blind me in the sun, lol. B)

                                                             In the sunlight

And a close-up.

Take those (almost realistic) pineapples, mom!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summery nailz

     I haven`t showed you my latest manicures because i was really bored (I am wondering how I could do my nails with such a boredom!).

      Here is my first try with Konad m83. I used two coats of an Golden Rose green, a darker "spring green", called 217. Then I stamped this ficus design with a 4 years old nail polish from Avon Mirror Shine, called "silver foil". It isn`t a foil nail polish and I don`t use it on my entire nail because there would be VNL. But it is perfect for stamping.

And a close-up

     I soonly got bored of it. Since I am in vacation I spend for about 2 hours making a tropical mani. I sponged 5 different polish to create the sunset gradient (a very messy procedure) and then I stamped black palms from a Fauxnad plate. The idea came from Diana`s Romantic Sunset <--click. Her nails are the easel where she paints amazing landscapes.
     On some nails the gradient wasn`t very smooth. I guess I`ll need more practise at sponge technique!

     What summer is that without cherries? At the beginnig I was really excited about this mani, but soonly I realized that I should have placed just one cherry design on each nail. I stamped them randomly and in some cases the cherries overlapped and everything was too loaded :(( Anyway, the color combination was refreshing.

    I used two coat of Flormar Supershine (mustard) Yellow #41 as a base, Flormar N007 for the leaves and Farmasi #45 for the cherries. The red was an old and thick nail polish, perfect for stamping.

    And the present manicure...

      I saw it first at Deniz <--click and I fell in love with this design. She is my role model! Also, her post convinced me to buy Konad m83. The only thing i changed is the black special polish. I am scared of the awful mess which Konad special polish creates at removing.

I am done now and I`ll try to post weekly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It`s black, it`s white

Hi! I want to present you my current manicure. I must say that it wasn`t my own idea. I saw it once on the internet, searching suggestions for m21 Konad plate. I really liked it. Very funky, unexpectable and unique.

                                                 My left hand

The best capture of my right hand :)

Both hands...eyecatchers!

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I`m back, nailz!

I know I have been missing for over 2 months because I had school exams... But now I am in my three months summer vacation and I have all the time in the world to materialize my nails fantasies! Yeyyyy!!!
This post is about my manicures I had in the time I was busy (well, not so busy to do my nails :D).

  Here`s one coat of Flormar #313 under one coat of Flormar Miracle Colors U01- my nails were looking just like olives! is something I wanted so much to wear on my nails!!! Flowers from the Hello Kitty Fauxnad plate randomly placed on the Flormar #417 grey.

I used Flormar NA04 (it has a tiny brush, but thankfully I found the same shade with a wide brush in the Neon Collection, N012) to color my look at a party.

Here is an artistic picture of Flormar N007. I found out that one of my cat`s jumping balls was having the same green as my nails. Hmm...

Next, I had this fuchsia leopard on my nails. I felt like Beyonce! I used Flormar N005 as a base, then I stamped the Konad m57 leopard print and filled the dots with a brighter pink, also a Flormar one, #32.

The new Flormar #49. Not very neon, not very pale. Love the color, hate the formula. Too squishy for one coat, too creamy for two coats.

 In the first day of wearing Flormar #49 one professor said that my nails were too loud :(. Just to be sure I won`t have any other problems I applied purple dots, Flormar N009, with Konad m79 plate, to mild the situation.

My latest manicure, called by my friends "the wallpaper" =)))) I used two coats of Flormar Supermatte M103. I stamped the flower from the Hello Kitty Fauxnad plate (again) with two shades of pink, a neon one, and a cyclam. My mother said that everything was too pink and it needed a green, so I stamped with a Golden Rose Paris  #217 some leaves from Konad M21 plate. I finally applied my favourite golden top coat from Flormar U01.

 This is a girly lace design that I really liked. Two coats of Flormar #407 covered by the a grey lace from m79 Konad plate. I added that golden top coat from Flormar which made gorgeous reflexions of gold and orange besides the pink.

This is it! I hope I didn`t confused you with the steps for realizing the manicures!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is my first animal print manicure! It looks a little bit messy because the picture was taken before I cleaned the cuticles.

I used Flormar M110 as a base for the leopard skin, and the Konad Special nail polish for the spots.