Monday, July 25, 2011

Disco pineapples

     Hello everyone! I couldn`t respect my promise, again! Now I`m in vacation with my parents, in Turkey.
Anyway, we all feel like home here so I can do my nails everytime I want. I bought some nail polishes from Flormar, Golden Rose, and Gabrini.

     The story happened like this. I decided to change my mani, and since I got some butterflies (skin) tatoos I wanted to transfer them onto my nails. I applied two coats of Flormar #420. It is an interesting yellow between a neon yellow and a pale yellow. After waiting for it to dry I cropped wings sections of the butterflies. Unfortunately, even the pieces of the butterflies were bigger for my nails.
     Just see it with your eyes!

     HUUUUUGE disaster! Thankfully, it could be removed. I spent 5 minutes with my hands in the sink rubbing this mess. It was gone and I still wanted to do some nail art.

     I stamped the pineapples from a Fauxnad plate (it is the same as the Konad one!).
 The colours I used are the Black Konad Special Polish and Flormar # 50.

     I can`t figure out why I can`t rotate the picture :(((

    Aaaaaand my mother said she didn`t know that the pineapples are black. I was thinking and thinking about what I can do when BOOOOOOOOM!!! The magic happened when I saw the jar full of gold sequins which I bought last night.

      I filled the free spaces with hexagonal sequins using a dotting tool and then I added a top coat. I really love the result <3 My nails are perfect for the beach, they even fit my swimming suit, and they blind me in the sun, lol. B)

                                                             In the sunlight

And a close-up.

Take those (almost realistic) pineapples, mom!